Painting a luxury yacht implies an impeccable result that only years of experience, proper preparation, and the use of high-quality products can achieve.

CMM Yacht Service has always been involved in the complete restoration or painting of boats anywhere in the world, in its headquarters in Italy, CMM Yacht Service has its own indoor structure dedicated to the painting of boats up to 30 meters. 


The painting cycle of a boat cannot be improvised but must be based on a correct combination of training, environment, products, and processing time.

Whether it’s retouching, polishing, structural modifications in fiberglass, complete Gelcoat painting, enamel, pastel and metallic paints, attention to all these aspects is fundamental to guarantee the best result.


Equipped with mobile systems for the complete treatment of air (suction and heating), CMM Yacht Service carries out painting work for boats over 40 meters wherever it is required. 

In Mondolfo’s shipyard, a few steps away from the Pershing production yard, CMM organizes for its internal staff updating courses on the different painting techniques and cycles of the most important products on the market (Standox, PPG, AWL craft, Awl grip, Mankiewicz, gelcoat).

The excellent know-how of its technical staff, combined with the use of professional equipment and top quality materials, is the basis to always guarantee an excellent finishing level.

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